Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tommy Smiegel has common sense

I would like to extend a hardy Bravo Zulu to Tommy Smiegel for doing the right thing.
Why is it that Tommy Smiegel is the only council member with the political will to say what most every Norfolk citizen is thinking?

This is not complicated.  Even if they can't make Councilman Riddick resign, every member and the Mayor could all come out and ask for his resignation.  This isn't hard.  When an elected official owes $250K in back taxes over a span of 14 years, shouldn't he be expected to resign?  And shouldn't other elected officials be expected to lead?  Not in Bizarro Norfolk.  Here we put our heads in the sand and hope the problems disappear.

When you have a backbone and aren't afraid to do what is right, leading isn't hard.

It's just plain common sense,.


  1. What I found interesting about the article are the frequent quotes referencing the hard knocks breaks Riddick has given people in his district. His tax discrepency accounts for at least two teacher full-time-equivalents. His constituents represent the most needy for education. How many teacher postitions have been cut over the past few years?

  2. Excellent point. Riddick is obviously of the "do as I say, not as I do" mindset.