Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why the Blog

I am sure as you stumbled upon this blog the first thing you thought was:

Why is this guy blogging and why do I want to read anything he has to say?

Excellent questions!

1.  First I have started this blog because my wife is sick and tired of hearing me complain and asked that I share my opinions with the rest of the world. SPOILER ALERT!  I am probably not going to come across as a happy person and at times this will not seem to be a happy place. 

2.  Because it should be entertaining.  You may or may not agree with what I have to say but you will probably be amused. 

Now you are probably asking, OK but what is he going to blog about?

Another great question.

The answer is EVERYTHING.  Or at least everything that I have an opinion on which encompasses a lot.  A quick thumbnail, I will blog about my family, football, the Navy, Navy football, politics, Norfolk, Norfolk politics and whatever else strikes my fancy.  

So sit back and enjoy. 


  1. Can you blog about Norfology and how dumb it is? I want to but I am afraid of upsetting someone. I know you will raise this flag.

  2. I will. See post number three as a start.