Monday, February 6, 2012

Another well written response

I was expecting a response from Sharon McDonald and I was not disappointed.

Mr. Kinnear---you raise an interesting point.  But if you don't expect a business to be shut down for non payment of the BL, then what's to keep them from operating without a BL and not paying the BL tax PLUS the other delinquent taxes?  The point is that the City Treasurer has the responsibility to collect the delinquent taxes and has, for some time now, allowed these taxes, along with many others, to remain uncollected.  It is only this year, upon my recommendation to our new City Manager last February, that the CT initiated a new ordinance requiring that my office help him collect these taxes by not renewing BLs until all delinquencies are paid. 

I can't argue with her logic.  
So I sent her the following reply:

Ms. McDonald,
 I had not thought about the situation in those terms.  You are right.  Someone who is delinquent in their taxes probably is not too concerned about their business license.  So what is the enforcement mechanism for the city to stop a business for operating without a business license?  Is that the role of the city treasurer?

I will let you know what she says.  
The ten million dollar question is has Councilman Riddick paid his delinquent taxes and been issued a business license for 2012?

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