Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CSB is wasting money.....again

So once again everyone's favorite quasi-city/state/federal governmental agency is back in the news.  It appears that by April the Norfolk Community Services Board will have wasted about $93K in taxpayer money on rent for a building that they aren't even occupying.  While that is a small amount compared to the $300K+ that they previously wasted paying an employee for 12 years for not coming in, it is still a significant chunk of change.  I am upset at the complete disregard that the CSB has for the taxpayer's money.  In addition, my lovely wife pointed out, that money for a year could have supported at least one full time employee or three part time counselors or paid for the outpatient treatment for at least eight people. 

This has gone past the point of lunacy.  Norfolk management will continue to wash their hands of this by claiming they don't control it since it is not a city agency.  And since we have already talked about how making it a city department is beyond stupid.  There really is only one solution.  SHUT IT DOWN.  Or at a minimum stop funding it.

I am not saying that the work they don't do is important.  What I am saying is that at this point in time, any other method used to provide mental health and drug abuse services to the poor has to be better than this.  Contract it out.  Ask Va Beach/Portsmouth/Chesapeake, how they do it.  Pick up the phone book and randomly call someone for advice.  I guarantee you that as of February 28, 2012 anything is better than the absolute fiasco that the current operations of the Norfolk CSB.     

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