Friday, February 3, 2012

Peyton needs to tell Irsay good-bye

"There is growing speculation Irsay won't exercise the option bonus and many are thinking the relationship is heading to a divorce."

Growing speculation?  Um, no.  Irsay has fired the front office to include the GM and the head coach and has he is ready to do what is best for the Horseshoe.  Seriously?  The horseshoe?  Does anyone outside of Indy refer to the organization as the horseshoe?

When your boss tweets that you aren't medically qualified to play after other doctors say you are clear, it's a pretty clear sign that you aren't going to get paid $28M for next season. 

Irsay could not be more clearer if he rented a plane to fly over Lucas Oil Stadium towing a banner saying "I am drafting Luck and releasing Peyton for the good of the horseshoe."

Hopefully, Peyton tells Irsay to stick it when they meet next week and then stand by for possibly the biggest free agency signing ever.