Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Virginia politics

Ok. Let's step away from this alleged war on women by those evil, dastardly Republicans and tackle a political topic that we should all agree on. Specifically HB 947 which can be read here.   The Reader's Digest version is that it allows homeschooled children to participate in public school sports.  This is referred to as the Tebow bill after the football player Tim Tebow who was homeschooled but played football for his local high school and became one of the greatest college quarterbacks in recent history at Florida. 

Anyhow, this is real simple.  I pay taxes.  My taxes support the school system. My children should be able to participate in interscholastic programs that I help pay for.  Any questions?

The bill has passed the House and it on its way to the Senate.  In anticipation of that I sent the following email to my state Senator Ralph Northam

Senator Northam,

I trust that you will support and vote in favor of Delegate Bell’s House Bill 947 with regards to nonpublic school students being permitted to participate inn interscholastic programs when it comes to the Senate floor for passage. 

As a taxpayer and father of four homeschooled children, I certainly feel that my children should have fair and equal access to programs that my tax dollars are funding.


Adam Kinnear

Norfolk, VA


I will let you know what his response is.
I would encourage other people that care to email and call their state Senators.  You can look up your Senator here


  1. I don't give a crap about them competing in school sports but I feel this will open the door for homeschoolers to participate part time in Governor's School for the Arts, therefore I am all for it, 100%.

  2. OK. So have you emailed your Senator yet? This bill does not look like it opens Governor's School. It just looks to apply to sports but I agree that it could serve as a tipping point and make that access a logical extension.