Monday, March 12, 2012

NFL news

If I was a betting man, I would say that Peyton Manning is Denver bound.  It's the logical fit and solves a lot of John Elway's problems.  He gets a legitimate passer and no one can argue about him not starting Tebow with a hall of fame QB on the roster.  John Fox has demonstrated that he is willing to change his offense to work with his quarterback.  I am sure Fox and Elway would like to give Peyton the keys and let him drive to the play-offs.  It's the AFC West for goodness sake.  It is a very winnable division.

Now let's talk about my Redskins trading three firsts and a second for the Rams' second pick to get RG3 in the draft.  Wow.  That is a high price to pay indeed.  Steve Czaban has some great analysis on why this is a desperate move by a desperate coach and desperate owner.   I agree with his points.  But my reaction is simply this:  they had to do something.  It has been twenty years since Washington has had a QB of note.  In this league, without a franchise QB it is very hard to win.  Was it poor planning/drafting that got us into this mess? Yes. Do I wish we didn't have to give up so many draft picks? Yes. But we have sucked for so long something had to give.  I would rather them place all the chips on RG3 and see what happens vice spending another year waiting for next year to rebuild.

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