Saturday, March 31, 2012

Only in Norfolk

Only the Norfolk city council would hold a closed door meeting to discuss FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests with a city lawyer present as the excuse to hold a closed door meeting.

The best part is what they did was in exact contradiction of the FOIA statute.  In fact, "Ginger Stanley, executive director of the Virginia Press Association, said she was part of a group that helped rewrite the FOIA laws in 1999. She said they were rewritten in part to bar exactly the kind of discussion the Norfolk council held Tuesday."

Of course, the only one who would talk about the it was Paul Riddick and not missing a beat he played the race card.  I wonder how Mr. Riddick is doing on the payment of his overdue taxes?  I also wonder if Mr. Riddick has a valid business license to operate this year?  Interesting.  

You stay classy, Norfolk City Council.  
I guess as long as we keep re-electing these bozos we deserve this kind of behavior.

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