Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My response

After yesterday’s post, there was a LOT of traffic.  After processing the comments on the page, the emails and conversations, this is my response:

Mr. Scaccia, I believe your sentiment is clear.  You regret the words that you used, but you stand by them.  You don’t like homeschoolers.  I get it.  I find it odd that you consider us arrogant and yet your post was extraordinarily arrogant.  I think bashing homeschoolers is going for the low hanging fruit.  It’s easy to make fun of those geeky homeschoolers, right?  I mean, they’re a weird bunch. 

Here’s an analogy.  If you wrote a ten point blog on why you hate gun owners but at the end say you support the second amendment and my right to carry, I am going to have a hard time buying the claim.  If you were in a position to limit gun ownership, you could not be trusted to vote in favor of gun owners.   So while I appreciate your immediate response to my post, your alleged support of school choice is not credible. 

I would like to offer a simple editing check for future posts where you talk about hating a group.  Whenever you feel the need to post an “I hate fill in the blank group” you need to replace the blank with the Jew or Christian or Muslim or whatever group strikes your fancy and then read it to yourself. 

Politically, Mr. Scaccia, you don’t get it.  I don’t know Barclay Winn’s stand on homeschooling.  He may also hate them with as much passion as you do.  But I do know that Norfolk is a fairly homeschool friendly city.  Norfolk has a number of homeschool programs, many of which have expanded each year.  My gut feeling is if you were on city council you wouldn’t support these excellent programs (which are, by the way, revenue sources for the city).  You might even oppose them because damn it there go those selfish, intolerant maybe even racist homeschoolers taking resources away from the public schools. 

To quote my wife, “I wonder what kind of public school teacher he was.  Given that post and his Alt Daily diatribes, I’d be concerned about him teaching our kids.”

The bottom line is I don’t trust you, and we won’t be having coffee. 

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  1. Well said. It's a pretty tough thing to overlook an article that shreds everything about who you are, especially when the person says, "Yeah, I basically do believe that, though my word choice was bad."

    I still think the reason that article is still up on his blog indicates that he doesn't give a crap what homeschoolers think, he really regrets nothing, and is going for the traffic that hideous post draws in, and the votes of people who would read it and agree.