Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Observations

1.  The NFL schedule came out this past week.  Teams are allowed a maximum of five prime time games on TV.  Teams that have a winning history or a or a big fan following get all five.  Teams that do not have a history of winning or big fan bases (sorry Jacksonville but I am looking at you) are lucky to get a couple.  Denver with Peyton Manning at QB is scheduled for five prime time games. Do you think the NFL thinks Peyton won't be able to perform this year?

2.  I heard this weekend that city council members of Norfolk get a car allowance.  The amount is in question.  Figures ranging from $100-$800 per month were thrown out.  Wouldn't it just be cheaper to just have taxi cabs pick up the council members for the meetings?

3. Why do pre-teen boys not understand the concept of a clean kitchen or a properly loaded dishwasher? 

4.  The Avengers movie is coming out May 4th.

If you aren't pumped to see the movie after that trailer I can't help you.  As much as I am looking forward to this movie, I don't see myself seeing it opening weekend.  I hate crowds and I don't have a costume.  Does anyone plan on going that first weekend and which Avenger will you be dressed as?

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