Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I hate it when I am right

As I predicted in my earlier post this election was over before it started.  Looks like Norfolk gets 4 more years of Barclay Winn with him winning but not by a majority:


Barclay C. Winn
Barclay C. Winn4,32449.40%

John N. Amiral
John N. Amiral2,34126.74%

Jesse Scaccia
Jesse Scaccia1,73419.81%

Marcus A. Calabrese
Marcus A. Calabrese3393.87%

The upside is the demonstration that if he had been challenged by one opponent not three then maybe we would have a had a Tommy Smigiel like upset.  As it stands anytime there a multiple challengers to the incumbent, it is almost a guarantee that the incumbent will win.

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