Monday, May 7, 2012

Finishing 90 out of 100? Really?

Potentially NSFW topic/post.  If this bothers you close the page now.  

Recently Men's Health listed the top one hundred porn capitals in America  based on google searches, DVD purchases, streaming and Cinemax subscriptions. (I know it is nicknamed Skinemax but that seems a stretch)

Anyhow, Norfolk finished 90 out of 100.

As a former sailor I am having a hard time believing that one.  If it's one thing a ship in the United States Navy is not ever lacking, it is pornographic material.  Sorry.  Maybe things have changed but I doubt it. 

I will say this unlike some geographic areas, the Hampton Roads area is fairly clean.  Yes, there are gentlemen clubs but there are no stripper joints.  Unlike some metropolitan areas, (I am looking at your Orlando) Norfolk can actually claim to be family friendly. 

It just hit me though why Norfolk finished so low.  Look at the metrics!  With the exception of DVD purchases, everything else is a digital measurement.  You can't watch Cinemax underway and you can't stream porn to the ship.  But what you can do is bring hardcopy i.e. magazines.  This survey does not account for that nor does it account for the really disturbing material that sailors tend to pick up overseas.

Men's Health needs to take those factors into account and it would see that Norfolk easily finishes in the top quartile. It's simple math.  The average aircraft carrier has more porn on board than all of Madison, WI. 

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