Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The fix is in

Let me get this straight: the Virginia Beach city council after having a closed session meeting just paid $300,000 for a 30 foot wide strip of land with a total area of 1.3 acres that had been assessed for only $148,000 and happened to be in the path of the potential light rail line?  This is the same city that didn't have enough money for their school budget but they are buying land that can allegedly be used for other things besides light rail?  Man, it sounds like Norfolk city council was running this meeting. 

I am having a hard time buying what these politicians are selling.

Um, let me spell it out for all Virginia Beach residents: you are getting light rail whether you want it or not.  It doesn't matter what the results are of the referendum are this fall.  As this back door deal illustrates, the deal is done.

This reminds me of the Dell commercial:

Except this time it is: Dude, you are totally getting a light rail.

Welcome to the wonderful world of tax supported light rail, Virginia Beach.  You will "love" it as much as Norfolk does.

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