Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not Positive

Tonight I was told that I was not a positive writer by my wife.
I, of course, immediately sent her to this blog (which I still don't think she has read) as proof of my positive and cheerful attitude.  A quick check on of this blog shows that I have been very positive about RSS feeds, ODU joining CUSA and Navy football.

Sure I've complained a little about light rail, city government and elections but most people that know me would say that I could be described as a "glass is half full" kind of guy. 

In addition, I am very excited and positive about the summer.  It means a couple of things:
1.  Taking kids to the pool
2.  Volleyball
3.  Fun

So the next time, someone accuses me of not being positive, I will simply smile and promptly send them to this post .


  1. Adam, don't you need to post a picture of your new fridge? That is another thing that you are positive about.

  2. OH MY LORD! I had trouble reading the security words to confirm that I was not a spamming robot, so I just clicked on the audio to see what it is like. Incredibly frightening.

  3. Thanks E.
    I agree. The fridge is awesome. I am very, very positive about that.