Monday, July 23, 2012

Reality check for PSU

As I was driving home listening to the radio some Joepologist (credit to Steve Czaban for the phrase) couldn't understand why the NCAA had to get involved and didn't see what good would come from punishing PSU for the next four years.  He couldn't understand why the NCAA would destroy "northeastern football" and damage the identity of central Pennsylvania. 

Now I am the last person in the world to support the NCAA.  But this isn't about what good will come from this.  It is about PSU supporters like this radio caller still not getting it.  What Sandusky did and Joe Paterno ALLOWED is so egregious and such a huge travesty that it makes "northeastern football" irrelevant.  Football is a game.  This destroyed people's lives. 

Hey PSU supporters, let me spell out what Paterno's legacy is.  You may find this hard to believe but a majority of Americans don't follow college football and probably had no idea that Penn State played it.  But guess what at least 90% of all Americans know now?  They know that there was a football coach named Joe Paterno that covered up a child rapist and allowed him to continue to abuse children for years.  When people say Penn State for the next 25 years that is what they will think of.

This is Paterno's legacy.

Deal with it.