Sunday, September 2, 2012

I have a question

Yeah, I'm back from my summer slumber of not blogging.

Sometimes, providence or the heavens or fate or whatever you want to call it work out in your favor.  I am of course referring to the debacle previously known as the Navy-Notre Dame game in Ireland.

I had an engagement that prevented me from watching the event live as it unfolded and I think we can all agree that was a good thing.  Watching that game live would have put me in a foul mood. 

If you haven't seen or read about it yet SPOILER ALERT: Navy got its ass kicked on national television with a final score of 50-10.  That's right! Unless you had Navy +41 you lost your bet. 

To be honest, I got home at 1230. Fired up the computer and scanned through the first quarter.  I have watched enough Navy football to see once the score hit 20-0 the game was over.  So I did the smart thing, skipped to the end, checked the score, confirmed we were embarrassed and deleted the file off my computer.

No one likes to lose 50-10.
No one likes to lose 50-10 on national television.
No one likes to lose 50-10 on national television with the entire country watching because it is the FIRST game played of college football.

Which leads me to my question:


Seriously, we can lose by 5+ touchdowns at home.  I don't need to fly a team across the Atlantic to do it.  I don't see how this helps Navy.

I had no expectation that we would win the game.  I did have an expectation that it would be a competitive game and NOT be over at the end of the first quarter.

As an alum, I am embarrassed.  Not only did we lose but the lead of every SportsCenter was "Irish Crush Navy."

I think the the wheels on the car that Johnson built have officially fallen off.

I am not looking forward to all the BS redemption stories for Penn State in our next game.

I am not saying it's time to hit the Panic Button.  I am saying get ready to.    

P.S. If anyone can give me anything POSITIVE about Navy's team I would really appreciate it. 


  1. What was the point of playing in Ireland?

    ND required an overseas game as part of the contract extending the series through 2026.

    As far as positives? I'd say Miller was one, and I think it was pretty clear that we were facing the best ND offensive and defensive lines in recent memory. The score got lopsided because Kelly was smart enough to stick with what worked rather than keeping us in the game by making the kinds of stupid decisions that Weis would make regularly.

  2. Eric, thanks for reading and the reply. I understand it was part of the contract. I am just saying that was flat out embarrassing. I agree that Navy owes a lot to Weis for the streak being broken. I will defer to you on the Miller being a a positive. Like I said, I could not stomach watching the whole thing. Regardless of the opponent, when you are a top five rushing team and you are held to 149 total rushing yards the alarm bells should be ringing.