Sunday, December 9, 2012

Army-Navy Game

Wow.  What can I say?  Navy wins AGAIN! I am glad we won but an honest analysis of the game says that Army lost it more than Navy won it.  To lose on a fumble while making a final drive for a TD to try and win the game was a real heartbreaker and I honestly feel for the Woops.

That game once again proved that it doesn't matter what the records are or who has the better team, that game never goes according to script.  On paper, the game should have been over by halftime but Army had other ideas.  Their defense shut down Navy's offense for the most part but despite all of their yardage they couldn't convert them into points.

I can't believe I am writing this but Navy's defense won the game.  The offense had been carrying us through the season but when they had to deliver defense did.  

The football gods seemed to be pulling for Army.  With 29 seconds left in the half, a team with no passing game managed to get in FG range and the ball hit the upright but still managed to go in to tie the game.  I was not a happy camper during halftime.

I watched the game at a classmate's house with other families with my USNA company having a mini-reunion in Norfolk.  According to my wife, my behavior was much better than normal.  

As much as people keep pointing out the fumble, I have not heard a lot of talk about the missed FG.  If Army makes the previous FG, they were well within range to kick and win in the last two minutes.

Another highlight was seeing the patch of HSC-84 Red Wolves on uniform of Navy's QB MIDN Reynolds.  My oldest son immediately said "Dad, look at his patch" and my brother almost simultaneously texted me the same thing.

My father was the commanding officer of what was then HCS-4 during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and took the squadron to the Gulf for the war. Does anyone know the selection process for the patches?  Do the players get to pick them?

In the end, the CINC trophy is now:

Anyone who watched the game can see why it is one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports.

To top of the weekend, the Redskins had a great comeback against Baltimore and were victors of the "Beltway Bowl" and kept their play-off hopes alive.

Until next year, let's keep the rivalry strong and play hard.
Army, I will be rooting for you next year.....against Air Force.

Go Navy!!
Beat Army!!