Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Navy Joins the Big East

So it looks like Navy football is going to join the Big East in 2015.
My reaction can be summed up in one word: STUPID.

Assuming the conference even exists in 2015, I fail to see any upside to this move. 
Is Navy going win the conference championship and go a BCS bowl?  Um, no.  That will never happen.

Navy prepare for a prepetual life of 3-9 football.  I can not wait. It will be awesome.

As I look at a conference with two divisions of six teams (again assuming it is still around)  I see a schedule of 5 division games, 3 games against the other division, Army, Air Force and Notre Dame which brings us to 11.  That gives Navy a grand total of 1 flex game to schedule. 

Hm, I wonder how this will turn out.  Oh wait, I already know.  Army tried this before and joined Conference USA.  It was such a resounding success that they dropped out of the conference and went back to independent so they could have a some flexibility in their schedule and not get their ass (no pun intended) handed it to them every season.

Prediction, Navy enjoys five years of 3-9 or 4-8 mediocrity and bails out in 2020.

The Big East is looking for a new name.  For Navy it should be the Big Stupid. 


  1. I kind of wish this would happen:

    The 64 most "serious" football schools would form 4 conferences and basically be the entirety of FBS. They can keep the Beef O'Brady's Bowl and every other meaningless bowl.

    Everyone else can join ODU in the FCS and fight for a championship in a 64-team tournament at the end of the year. The neat thing about that (assuming that Navy and the other service academies went the FCS route) would be that Navy would have a legitimate shot at a national title every year.

    The academies might even have an advantage because every player gets a full scholarship, which is not the case in the FCS.

    Keep up the blogging! (It's not too late to change the name to Adam Raises Cain).

  2. Agreed. As an independent, Navy would actually find themselves in a better position for scheduling in that scenario.