Friday, February 3, 2012

Another response

You can say what you want about the commissioner of revenue of Norfolk, Sharon McDonald, but one thing is for sure.  Unlike the Mayor and City Manager she promptly answers her email and then follows-up!

I got this unsolicited email from her today:

Mr. Kinnear---just checking to be sure that you received a reply on this inquiry?  

I replied with the following:
Ms. McDonald,
 Thank you for following up.  To answer your question, the answer is no.  I have not gotten a response from Mr. Moss.
 I guess my issue is if I was delinquent $10K in 2009 and I applied to renew my business license for 2010, are you telling me that it would been renewed?  That seems pretty outrageous.  I don't expect your office to shut down a business but I would expect a person to not get issued a license if they were not current on their taxes.

Adam Kinnear

I will let you know what she says when I get her reply because I know for a fact that I am going to get one. 


  1. Is this the same Sharon McDonald who wanted real estate assessors to knock on doors and enter people's homes to see what upgrades were done?

  2. Yes. But at least she answers her emails....unlike the Mayor.