Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Follow-up on recycling

I know everyone has been waiting with bated (is that even a word) breath on what happened with our recycling pick-up.  Well, it turns out that the third call is the charm (or fourth depending on how you count them). 

When last we left, it was Thursday and recycling still had not been picked up so I blogged about it.  I had already called twice.  So Friday morning I called public works again.  Once again the woman was very pleasant and took my address but this time I asked if there was anyone else I could call.  She gave me the number to waste management and told me to ask for a supervisor.  Which I did.  The lady who answered the phone said she would transfer me to a Reynold(?) Riddick but I got his voicemail.  Argh!  So I left a very detailed message and mentally prepared myself for the recycling to be full when I got home.  Well, my work phone rang an hour later with Mr. Riddick assuring me that it would be picked up and guess what?  It was.  And later that evening he called the house to make sure it had been picked up.

So I guess that is a happy ending.  But here is the odd part, Andrea had sent an email to HRSD asking for our account to be credited since we did not get a pick up.  A woman called us back and left us a voicemail saying that we don't get charged for recycling and subsequently we could not get a credit. 

WHAT?  No one (including the government) does anything for free.  That means someone or some entity out there is making money on recycling.  Does anyone know how this works in Hampton Roads?  Because to me this doesn't smell right and it is starting to sound like some sort of racket. 


  1. You had to ask three times. It's the Austin Powers rule.

  2. Picture Beavis and Butthead laughing....
    Huh huh huh....Some dude named Reynold Riddick gave Adam a happy ending... Huh huh huh huh....

  3. Maybe they pick it up for free because they are able to sell the stuff they pick up? Wasn't it you speculating it all goes to the same place the trash does, just via a different vehicle?